Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Browne (Castlereagh)

Over 600 acres in the barony of Castlereagh, the property of Frances Maria Browne, James Peter Browne and others were offered for sale in the Landed Estates' Court in November 1860 and June 1861. The Irish Times reported that the sale, in 59 lots, occupied the court business for an entire day. Details of the purchasers were published in the paper on 28 November 1860

Associated Families

No houses were found for this estate

Archival sources

  • Landed Estates' Court Rentals (O'Brien), Browne, 8 November 1860, Vol 60, MRGS 39/030, (microfilm copy in NUIG); National Archives of Ireland
  • Landed Estates' Court Rentals (O'Brien), Browne, 13 June 1861, Vol 62, MRGS 39/031, (microfilm copy in NUIG) ; National Archives of Ireland

Modern printed sources