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Gunning (Horton)

A family who came to Ireland in the early 17th century and settled in county Roscommon. From about the mid 18th century they were absentee landlords. Robert Gunning (1734-1816), a diplomat of the 1760s and 1770s, was rewarded with a baronetcy in 1778. In 1781 he bought the Horton estate in Northamptonshire, which remained in the possession of the Gunning family until 1888. In the mid 19th century the Gunnings owned land in the parishes of Killinvoy and Rahara, barony of Athlone, Kilteevan and Roscommon, barony of Ballintober South, county Roscommon. In the 1870s the Reverend Sir Henry John Gunning of Horton House owned 704 acres in county Roscommon and 2,033 acres in county Longford. Other members of the Gunning family such as the Reverend Hodson Gunning and Alexander Gunning held land in the parish of St Johns, barony of Athlone, in the 1850s and are recorded as owning respectively 185 acres and 215 acres in the county in the 1870s. Bateman also records Reverend Sir Henry John Gunning as the owner of over 2000 acres of land in county Longford, as well as the Roscommon property, in the 1880s.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Castlestrange Castlestrange Fuerty Roscommon Fuerty 77 Athlone Roscommon OSI Ref: M819 599
OS Sheet: 41
Discovery map: 40
Johns Port House Rinnagan St Johns Athlone Lecarrow 16 Athlone Roscommon OSI Ref: M998 548
OS Sheet: 46
Discovery map: 40
Carrowmore Carrowmore Roscommon Roscommon Roscommon Rural 90 Ballintober South Roscommon OSI Ref: M905 633
OS Sheet: 40
Discovery map: 40

Archival sources

  • Gunning (Horton) collection includes documents re title and sale of Castlestrange estate, legal papers, rent rolls, re Gunning family estates in Cos Roscommon, Longford & Dublin, 18th & 19th centuries. G(H); Northamptonshire Record Office
  • Deed of Partition of the estate of St John's, Co Roscommon between Gunning, Grehan, Sproule, Fair & Hogan families, 1841. E.C. Jameson solicitor's collection, Small Accessions Index 50, D.5479-5480; National Archives of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources