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Daly (Callow)

Manuscript maps in the National Library of Ireland show that Anthony Daly of Callow, parish and barony of Kilconnell, county Galway, held an estate of 9,730 statute acres in the baronies of Kilconnell and Dunmore in the 1730s. In his thesis John MacFadden has written about the dispersal of this estate in the barony of Kilconnell and its subsequent history.

Associated Families

No houses were found for this estate

Archival sources

  • Survey of lands in baronies of Kilconnell and Dunmore, estate of Anthony Daly of Callow, 21 maps by Francis Plunkett, 1730s. MS 5699; National Library of Ireland
  • Survey of lands in Co Galway, 48 maps by Francis Plunkett, 1731. MS 2780; National Library of Ireland
  • Lease of large amount of land around Galway city, including Spiddle, Corcullen and Knockbane, for one year, Richard Martin of Dublin to Dalys of Loughrea & Callagh and George Blake, 1 Aug 1751. D26,422; National Library of Ireland

Modern printed sources